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Vessel Special Events
2015 Schedule

























THURSDAY - 2/18/16, 6-8PM
6:00PM Opening Reception for William Harsh's "Unfolding Possibilities"
Vessel Gallery celebrates "Unfolding Possibilities" paintings and monotypes by William Harsh, during 3rd Thursdays on 25th Street


SATURDAY 3/12/16
2:00PM Artist Talk "Unfolding Possibiliites" Marilyn Bardet
Painter activist and widow of William Harsh will discuss the artworks included our third posthumous show for Harsh. We will hear about this artist's developments of the emergent still -life paintings that he dedicated his life's practice to.  We'll share the afternoon touring and talking about the show. 
Refreshments will be served, and show catalogue will be celebrated.



2:00PM Artist Talk "Water: 1/5"  Bella Feldman, Nancy Genn, Mari Marks, Rossella Scapini
We will hear about these artist's works included in Water: 1/5, that include nature's resource as a transformational element and symbol.



THURSDAY 5/19/16
6:00PM Artist Talk "COMMAND: amplify"  Dale Estman, Irene Imfeld, Kyong Ae Kim, Anna Membrino, and Evan Desmond Yee
We will hear the artist's included in "COMMAND: Amplify" exploret their purpose and use of technology in their expressions

Artist Books
Artist Books available in the gallery!
NEW 2nd Edition of "Inside Out: The Paintings of William Harsh" by art critic / art writer DeWitt Cheng. This newly designed book includes an expanded essay by Paul Karlstrom, and new closing
say by Peter Selz.

Cyrus Tilton's artworks documented in chronology books, I and II.yrus Tilton's artworks documented in chronology books, 2008-10, and 2011-13.

NEW book Walter James Mansfield chronicles Mansfield's Head artworks from 1984-2015
ORTRAITS: Looking Back, Looking Forward available in the gallery and online